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In the case of sexual assault, it is very rare to have a witness to the actual alleged incident other than the complainant, which makes cross-examination of the witness even more important. In cases involving children, a special soft technique of cross-examination often gets a better result than attempting to challenge the child on the stand. A thorough cross-examination of the witness can be used to test the credibility of the witness. The credibility of the witness becomes an issue at trial, especially if the accused person wishes to testify and the accused person’s version of the event is different. Thorough preparation of the accused person to take the stand and to testify in their own behalf is also extremely important. Most people who take the stand are not professional witnesses who are used to being cross-examined for many hours.


Sexual assaults often include forensic evidence collected by the police or medical professionals. This may add a layer of corroborating evidence to the witnesses testimony. Even if the evidence of the witness is discredited, the forensic evidence may remain to be considered by the court. The most common forms of forensic evidence include DNA, finger prints, medical records, and digital evidence such as GPS, social media, and cellphone data. 

The lawyers at King Defence are familiar with many forms of forensic evidence and are prepared to use the prosecution's expert witnesses to challenge the forensic evidence. Should that not be an option, King Defence has built a network of expert witnesses in DNA, computer forensics, psychology, toxicology, firearms and weapons and accident reconstruction. King Defence also regularly works with a private investigator to dig deeper into the allegations and locate witnesses helpful to the defence. 


Other sexual offences such as child luring, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, extortion, indecent exposure, exploitation, human trafficking, incest, and bestiality all include sexual elements. These charges often require defence techniques similar to sexual assault.

Defending these cases can become very personal and sensitive. We recognize that difficult issues may arise while defending against these charges. The lawyers at King Defence treat clients with dignity and respect, especially in dealing with these sensitive issues.   

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