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In the information age, there is now more information about each of us through our phones and social media that is easily accessible on the internet. This is especially so for young people as social media and smartphones become more popular. Police are learning to use these technologies more and more to gather evidence against an accused person, even to locate the person through cell phone use. Charges of breaching bail conditions or drug trafficking can be verified and successfully prosecuted by information contained in the tracking software in cell phones. Many questions about how the police and government can use this technology are still being asked of the courts, and the landscape of personal privacy
is changing.

While technology crimes used to be thought of as mostly embezzlement, extortion, and white collar crimes, technology related crimes have become more prevalent in everyday life. We are now seeing youths being charged with possession, creation and distribution of child pornography by taking pictures of themselves or each other and sending the pictures to others via Facebook, text messaging, or other media. People are being charged with criminal harassment and uttering threats via text messaging, email, and website messages. 

Normally in technology related crimes, such as child pornography, police provide technical forensic evidence reports to the defence. The lawyers at King Defence have training in how to read and interpret these forensic reports, and how to identify anomalies in the evidence to use toward your defence. Our lawyers regularly attend forensic technology seminars to stay up to date on the latest technological advancements. 

The lawyers at King Defence regularly deal with technological aspects of social media (such as Facebook and Instagram), email, instant messaging, internet and wireless networking, text messaging, cellular telephones and smartphones (hardware, software and cellular tower networks), GPS, image manipulation and reconstruction and many other forms of consumer and industrial technology. King Defence has built a network of forensic analysts, computer engineers, IT architects, and telecommunications experts to help successfully defend clients and combat police manipulation of digital information.  

The lawyers at King Defence are happy to provide free, initial, legal advice regarding technology crimes. Often it is hard to determine what evidence can be linked to the accused person until the evidence has been thoroughly examined. As technology changes, often faster than law enforcement can keep up with, it is important to have a lawyer who understands the technology to give you the best possible defence.

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