Straight to the point

criminal defence.


King Defence is dedicated to defending people charged with criminal offences, no matter what the charge, no matter how serious or heinous the allegation. Everyone deserves their day in court. Everyone deserves to have a solid, well-informed lawyer to advocate for their needs and rights.

Your concerns are important. You need a lawyer who will listen to your version of events and answer your questions. It is important that you know your rights and you understand the legal process. King Defence cuts through the confusion of the legal system and offers straight-to-the-point legal advice. 

King Defence takes a client-centered approach to defending every individual. Defence work is a service industry, and the client is the focus of that service. The practice of criminal defence law is for the protection of the client.

We make sure you are never alone when dealing with the court. Our lawyers work collaboratively both the client and with each other. Often multiple lawyers within the firm have reviewed the evidence and weighed in on the best approach before the matter gets to trial. Frequently during trials, a second lawyer will join the main lawyer on your matter to offer the best possible defence, whether that be taking notes during cross-examination, managing witnesses, or taking notes on the reactions of the judge or members of the jury.  

King Defence has built a network of expert witnesses in DNA, computer forensics, psychology, toxicology, addictions, firearms and weapons, and accident reconstruction. Further to this, we regularly work with a private investigator to dig deeper into allegations and locate witnesses helpful to the defence.