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Phone: 780-221-6928, extension 3

Born and raised in north-central Edmonton, Caliena graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in 2013 and a Law degree in 2018. Caliena was called to the Alberta Bar in August 2019. Throughout law school, Caliena was very active with the Criminal Law Project at Student Legal Services through all three years of law school. They served as one-half of the Criminal Law Project Coordinator team in 2017.

Caliena practices exclusively criminal defence law throughout the prairies. Their practice is focused around Edmonton and area, as well as Northern Alberta.

Caliena is very committed to upholding and protecting the Charter rights of all individuals, and none of our rights are more important than our legal rights. These include rights like life, liberty, and personal security, the right to privacy, and the right to a fair trial. They will make sure that your legal rights are protected from undue government interference.

Being in the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and exhausting, and Caliena is committed to ensuring that you understand every step of the process and that you get the best possible resolution.

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